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Welcome to the store of Zetacraft! This is the place where you can buy your ranks and perks with real money at!  The ranks are set as donations and will go towards funding the server each month.

Donate today for perks such as:

  • /fly
  • /feed
  • /nick
  • And more coming soon!


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or is planning to donate; donations are the main thing keeping us going!


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FireFrog1227 • 14th Jul 17
Noble • 7.50 USD
KeiDO_ • 27th Jun 17
/nick • 3.75 USD
BlazeTheDragonYT • 27th Jun 17
God to Pharaoh Rank • 22.50 USD
BlazeTheDragonYT • 26th Jun 17
Emperor to God Rank • 18.75 USD
BlazeTheDragonYT • 26th Jun 17
King to Emperor Rank • 26.25 USD